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BAKU 2017 4th Islamic Solidarity Games – Knowledge Segment

5 Caravans of Knowledge represented the main cultural segment of this Opening Ceremony.

Each caravan showcased an aspect of the Golden Age of Islamic arts and science – Exploration, Architecture, Literature, Astronomy and Invention.

Working closely with the creative team and the Technical Department, we developed various styles of carriages using modified bicycles and bespoke castors to transport scenic items around the field of play and onto the stage.

The centre piece item was the reproduction of the Al-Jazari’s 12th century Elephant clock. This item was 8 metres tall with 2 x carved dragons accepting Mina’s golden ball, one of which pivoted to begin the clock’s movement.

Click here to see footage of the Knowledge Segment.

Designer - Joanna Scotcher


Client:Baku 2017 - 4th Islamic Solidarity Games

2017 - Baku, Azerbaijan

Red Circle ProjectsDesign resolution, production, installation and maintenance